I was recently diagnosed with shingles, the virus, and it made me think of a good blog post.  Just like the virus there are a number of symptoms you can spot on your roof just by looking at your shingles.  A professionally installed shingled roof should maintain proper shedding for around 30 years. Here are few things to look for that may indicate a professional examination or repair may be in order. Please note that you should not venture onto your roof and inspect, just as you should not self diagnose shingles on your body.  It can lead to the wrong treatment/repair or injury from a fall.

  1. Look for lifting of the shingles-It could be as simple as a lifted nail under a shingle or if multiple are lifted a sign of other damage, debris or wind.  At any rate this can lessen the watershed ability and may be susceptible to further wind damage.
    Image result for lifted shingles on roof
  2. Cracked or Split Shingles–This could be caused by debris damage or it is a sign of aging (which could be premature).  As shingles age they can become brittle and prone to cracking and splitting.  If the roof isn’t that old, it may indicate problems with insulation in the attic.
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  3. Loose or Raised Nails–Usually a simple fix by a contractor or handyman but could be indicative of improper insulation in the attic.  As the sheathing (typically plywood under your shingles) expands and contracts throughout the year, this process can slowly raise nails from their secured positions.  If you see one nail, look for others that may have also come up.
    Image result for lifted nail shingles on roof

A few other things to look for to prevent moisture penetration: cracked caulk, rusted flashing, worn or crack rubber boots around vent pipes.

If you notice these common issues contact a roofing professional to examine your roof.  Often times they will do this as a common courtesy.

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